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ok...I admit I have a weakness for rose gold and I currently need a good pen ... if someone feels alluded please, go ahead ;)
This is one of my favorites among all the Swarovski pens we have selected for our platform. Although at first sight it has a very serious design, when you look closer, your view of it starts to change:

Rose gold is currently trendy and this makes it ideal for fashionists. And black gives it a sophisticated and serious touch that makes it perfect for businesswomen. I say women, because in general I do not like Swarovski pens for men. The crystals and stones that they usually use make them for my taste too feminine for men.

I already see myself signing documents and making my schemes with this pen ... I count the days: Tic tac tic tac ;)

Precio regular: € 49,00

Precio especial: € 24,50


Swarovski Stellar Bolígrafo, Chapado en oro rosa

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