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Teenager, runner, music lover,...will love this italian minimalist design bluetooth head set, and to be honest myself too! It is such a usefull gift!

Wireless, the headset is connected to your device via bluetooth, so you can listen your music very confortly everywhere. What is more, you even can get calls using them without having to take your mobile out of your bag or pocket!

This is for me the complete HIGH LIGHT! Women of the world...using this headset you don't have to look for your smartphone in your bag any time you get a call!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case some one is looking for a gift for myself. Take this, I need it!

You find this headset in varios colours: red, pink, white-pink and blue.
€ 79,99


hi-Edo - Auriculares bluetooth deluxe - ¡Música sin cables!

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Tienda Regalos.es

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